Customized maintenance programs

Automated chemical management

Serving the Greater

Houston, Austin, Dallas

and San Antonio Areas


TAPS offers the flexibility of custom maintenance programs to fit your property. After every visit you can expect a clean and chemically sound pool. Each visit consists of the following:

  • Vacuum at least once weekly 

  • Brush walls

  • Skim water

  • Empty all skimmer baskets

  • Check all chemical levels and adjust as needed

  • Service equipment

  • Detect and report needed repairs

Standard chemicals are included in every contract and specialty chemicals are available at discounted prices. Fill out the contact form or call today for more information or a free maintenance proposal.

TAPS is now proud to offer automated chemical management. Our program is the most hands-on and reliable program offered. What sets us apart from the other programs available? Our team! We are dedicated, knowledgeable and committed to providing you with the clean and clear water that your residents deserve and that the state requires. We offer a top of the line system that will streamline your chemical usage, saving you money, time and space.

Some benefits of our program are:

  • Automated controllers only add the chemicals needed

  • Due to weekly/bi-weekly visits there is no need to store large chemical barrels that require a lot of space

  • Every visit consists of chemical delivery, chemical reading check by the tech, necessary adjustments to controller and system inspection 

  • Repairs in hours, not days

  • Completely customizable to meet your needs

Call or fill out the contact form today to find out how our system can work for you and to receive a free chemical management proposal.